Did Toledo Just Birth a Culinary Movement?

While the rest of the world went to bed after eating a typical dinner Tuesday evening, the Glass City tried to reinvent itself once again as the epicenter of a budding culinary movement.

A 12-course gourmet meal was served using molten glass as the cooking medium.

“There weren’t even any YouTube videos,” said Renaissance Hotel Executive Chef Aaron Lawson. There indeed are a few, but nothing as elaborate as what on display.

In 2018, if you find something nearly un-Google-able, you might as well put a flag in it for your own, and Toledo is trying to do just that.

Chef Lawson and Gathered Glassblowing Studio teamed together for this extraordinary event.

In the glass-artist community, the practice actually has been a common trade for generations.

“When we get hungry or thirsty, we just have this hot oven for heating up coffee or food,” said Gathered co-owner Adam Goldberg. “But no one has ever done anything like this. First, nothing has been done on this scale. It’s the first time with gourmet ingredients and a chef. It’s the first time it is 12 courses.”

Tuesday, July 31, 2018